• Both the mentions and the impact of the mentions for the European Union increased a lot in September, compared to August. If in the top of the mentions, the EU occupies the first position, in the top of the views it occupies the second position, being surpassed by the US.
  • In the top of the mentions, the USA is on the second position, being followed by Germany, Great Britain, France, and the Russian Federation. 
  • In both hierarchies, Germany is in third place as in the previous month.
  • At the bottom of the list are China, NATO and Israel.
  • For most of the actors taken into account by the analysis, most mentions were on social media. Exceptions are the USA and the United Kingdom, with more mentions in the online press compared to social media, but also France and Russia with a similar number of mentions in both types of sources. In terms of impact, however, the online press is over social networks for most of the actors. Exceptions are China, with a greater impact of social media mentions, compared to the online press, but also Germany and NATO for which there is a balance in the two types of sources.
  • In September, many of the monitored actors were mentioned in the context of the diplomatic scandal following Australia’s cancellation of the contract for the 12 French submarines. There are also mentions for several of the actors in the context of President Biden’s meeting with the leaders of Japan, Australia, and India at the Quad Summit. Other mentions come in the context of the coronavirus crisis (France, Israel) or of specific events (effects of Brexit – Great Britain, parliamentary elections – Russia, state of the Union and recovery and resilience plans – EU, the decision on cryptocurrencies – China).

The full study (in Romanian) is available here