• In October, there is a radical shift in the top of the mentions, as Israel moves from the last to the first position in the ranking. It is the first time within the framework of the project Actors of the International Political Scene in the Romanian Online Space, Israel takes the first position and dominates the ranking (increases over seven times compared to the previous month). The next places are Ukraine, the EU, and the USA. Compared to September, the vast majority of the actors included in the analysis have increases in the number of mentions, with Israel showing the most substantial growth. Exceptions are Ukraine, Russia, and NATO, which have decreases in this indicator, but also China, which remains relatively constant.
  • For the first time, Israel also dominates the top views (impact of mentions), significantly ahead of the next class: EU, Ukraine, and the USA, all with relatively close numbers. Compared to September, the vast majority of the monitored actors record increases in the number of views, with Israel showing the most spectacular evolution. Exceptions are Ukraine and Russia, with a slight decrease in the number of views, but also NATO, which has a sharper decrease in this indicator.
  • The majority of considered actors are mentioned more on social media than in the online press. Exceptions are, as last month, the USA and Great Britain. In terms of the impact of mentions, for most of the actors considered, online press generates the most views. Exceptions are Israel, Germany, and China, for which the impact of mentions is greater on social media than on online press.
  • A highlight of October, which significantly increased the number of mentions, especially for Israel, but also for other actors such as the USA, Great Britain, France or China, was the war in the Middle East. The war in Ukraine or Romania’s accession to Schengen are also topics in association with which actors such as Germany or the EU are mentioned.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here