• The hierarchy at the top remains unchanged. Russia is still in first place, with the most mentions, but down from September. The EU and the USA are next in the ranking. Compared to the previous month, most of the actors included in the analysis have a decrease in the number of mentions. Exceptions are NATO and France, with an upward evolution, but also Israel, with a relatively similar number of mentions.
  • In terms of viewership, Russia remains in first place, being followed, as in the previous month, by the EU and the USA. Here too, the first positions in the ranking remain unchanged. The overall trend indicates a decrease in the impact of mentions for the vast majority of actors included in the analysis.
  • For all the actors considered, the most mentions are still on social networks. However, regarding the impact of mentions, the ratio between online press and social networks is relatively balanced. Thus, in four cases (Russia, USA, France and Great Britain) the online press mentions have the most views; in three situations (EU, Germany and China), the social networks mentions have the most views; there are also two cases (NATO and Israel) where the impact on the two types of sources is close (slightly higher for social networks).
  • The vast majority of mentions are related to the war in Ukraine, but there are also mentions that refer to the energy crisis (EU), Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area (EU, Germany), internal political developments (Great Britain) or extra-political events (Israel).

The full study (in Romanian) is available here