• The top of the mentions is dominated by the EU, followed by Germany and the USA. With the exception of the USA, Great Britain and NATO, for all the actors included in the analysis, there is an increase in the number of mentions compared to September.
  • In the case of the number of views, the hierarchy changes. Germany dominates the ranking, outperforming the EU. In third place is the United Kingdom. The USA drops, for the first time, in the middle of the ranking, after being constantly in the top, and in September it was in the first place in terms of impact of the mentions. Compared to September, there is an increase in the number of views for all actors included in the analysis, except for the USA and China.
  • All the actors taken into account by the analysis have the most mentions on social networks (Facebook), except the USA which has a relatively equal number of mentions on social networks and in the online press. Also, for the vast majority of them, the mentions in the media have the biggest impact. A good example of this is that of Germany, which has a very high impact on its mentions. The exception is the USA and Russia, which have more mentions in the online press than on social networks. Basically, both in the case of the number of mentions and their impact, the social networks are the ones that dominate.
  • The coronavirus pandemic is the main theme of association for the vast majority of actors considered, and for some of them (eg USA or Israel) is added the related topic of vaccination. There are also associations with domestic issues (eg the EU-Poland relationship), as well as with elements of geopolitics, regional and international relations.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here