• Russia maintains its position with the most mentions, but continues to decline from previous months. The EU and the US are in second, respectively third place. Compared to the previous month, the ranking remains unchanged, with one exception – the exchange of places between Great Britain and China. Most of the actors included in the analysis have a decrease in the number of mentions. Exceptions are the USA, France, China and Great Britain, with an upward evolution.
  • In terms of viewership, the ranking remains dominated by Russia, but compared to October, it was decreasing. It is followed by the US and the EU, which exchange places, with the US increasing and the EU decreasing. The overall trend indicates a decrease in the impact of mentions for five of the actors included in the analysis (Russia, EU, Germany, NATO and France) and an increase in the case of the other four (US, China, UK and Israel).
  • For the vast majority of actors considered, the most mentions are on social networks. The exception is Great Britain with balanced mentions, both on social networks and in the online press. In terms of the impact of mentions, in most cases, social networks rank above the online press. However, in the case of China and Israel, online media mentions have the greatest impact, while for NATO and Germany the impact is balanced between the two types of sources.
  • Most of the mentions are still related to the war in Ukraine. However, there are also mentions associated with the 2022 FIFA World Cup (Germany, France, Great Britain), the domestic political evolution (USA, Israel), the enlargement of the Schengen Area (EU) or the coronavirus pandemic (China).

The full study (in Romanian) is available here