• As in the previous month, the hierarchy and evolution of the number of mentions were strongly influenced by the Russia-Ukraine war. The top of the mentions is still definitely dominated by Russia. NATO and the EU are next in the rankings, both up from last month. In fact, all the actors included in the analysis have increased the number of mentions.
  • In the top of the views, Russia is also in the first place, with a considerable difference from the other actors. In second place is the EU, followed closely by NATO. Compared to February, mentions for Russia, the US, China, and Israel have increased views.
  • With the exception of the United Kingdom, all the actors considered have the most mentions on social networks (Facebook). However, the mentions in the online press are the ones that have the biggest impact. China and NATO are exceptions.
    • The mentions for NATO on social media have a greater impact than those in the online press.
    • The mentions for China have a similar impact on social media and the online press.
  • For all the monitored actors, there is a significant interest on social networks from the 30-34 age group, increasing compared to the previous month.
  • All international actors are mentioned mainly in the context of the Russia-Ukraine war. For NATO, there are mentions in the context of the Brussels summit, for the EU – in the context of President Zelenski’s speech to the European Parliament and the discussions on Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova membership, for the USA – in the context of Kamala Harrys’ visit to Bucharest, for Germany – in the context of discussions on dependence on Russian gas and its payment in rubles, and for France – in the context of the NATO Summit and the decision to set up a battle group in Romania.
  • There are also mentions in association with topics unrelated to the Russia-Ukraine war. This is the case of China, with mentions related to the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, but also of Israel, with mentions in the context of a sporting event.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here