• As far as the number of mentions is concerned, all actors taken into account by the analysis register an increase, compared to the month of May, with the exception of Israel.
  • In the mentions ranking, Germany climbs to second place, before the US, the EU remaining nevertheless the international actor with most mentions in the Romanian online media.
  • Germany overcomes the US in the views rakings too, where the EU remains the top actor. 
  • Compared to the previous months, we witness a balancing of the relation between the number of mentions and their impact on social networks, as compared to the situation in the online media. The impact of online media is no longer that decisive.
  • In the case of several actors, such as Germany or France, we notice the role played by the EURO 2020 football championship in the presence of said actors in the Romanian online media.
  • We also notice, in the case of the US, the Russian Federation, China and NATO an increase of the common mentions, against the background of prolonged debates concerning the situation in the Black Sea Region, as well as the global balance of power. In the online media, the narrative associating the Russian Federation with China, as opposed to NATO and the Western States, has become increasingly salient.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here