• The EU and Israel are the only actors to increase the number of mentions. Russia is relatively constant. All other measured actors record decreases in mentions. The observations are also valid for the impact of the mentions, with two nuances: the United Kingdom increases and Russia decreases.

  • The top of the mentions and their impact is dominated by the EU. Its increase comes amid discussions on the EU’s multiannual budget and the Economic Recovery Plan.

  • The European Union, the United States, and Germany remain the actors with the highest visibility. Compared to the previous month, the hierarchy remains unchanged, with two exceptions: the top spot between the EU and the US and the exchange of seats at the bottom of the rankings, between Israel and NATO.

  • With the exception of Israel, for all state and institutional actors taken into account, there are more mentions and a higher impact in the online media, as compared to the social networks. In the case of Israel, Twitter is more relevant. The global impact of mentions in online media is higher for Israel too.

  • All state and institutional actors taken into account by the analysis have mentions in the context of the coronavirus crisis. However, we note, as last month, an increase in the importance of other specific issues reflected in online media and on social networks in Romania: the management / distribution of European funds, the withdrawal of the American military from Germany, the protests in the USA and the removal of some statues, the US-China-Russia relationship, etc.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here