• The topics that provide contexts for mentions and views are diverse but notably include the war in Ukraine, the protest of European farmers, and the conflict situation in the Middle East.
  • At the top of the mentions ranking is the EU, closely followed by Ukraine. Following closely behind, almost equally, are the USA and Russia. These four actors regularly occupy the top positions of this ranking. In the middle of the ranking are Germany and France, followed by a relatively compact group of actors: the United Kingdom, NATO, and China. Israel returns to the last position.
  • The views ranking is dominated, for the first time, by Germany, with a very strong impact of mentions. This is followed by the EU, Ukraine, and the USA, actors that are very close to each other. Symbolically, Russia separates the first part from the second part of the ranking. In this second category, we find France and the United Kingdom, with a similar number of views, but also China, NATO, and Israel.
  • For most of the actors considered, the majority of mentions are on social media, especially Facebook. However, the ratio is quite balanced with the USA, the United Kingdom, China, and Israel having more mentions in online press. In terms of the impact of mentions, online press generates the most views for the overwhelming majority of the analyzed actors. An exception is Germany and China, for which mentions on social media have a greater impact compared to those in online press.