• Tensions in Eastern Europe, respectively the movements of Russian troops in the border area with Ukraine and the reactions generated throughout January by these deployments of forces, significantly influenced the mentions about international actors in the Romanian online space.
  • For the first time in our analysis on the visibility of state actors or international organizations in the Romanian online space, the Russian Federation is in the first place both in the top of the mentions and in the top of the viewership.
  • NATO, an international actor generally less mentioned in the online space, ranks up to the 4th place in the top of the mentions and to the 3rd place in the top of the impact of the mentions.
  • Most of the mentions for the international actors included in the analysis also relate to the situation in Eastern Europe (tensions between Russia and Ukraine).
  • Although the health crisis generates a significant number of mentions for some of the actors included in the analysis, there are no more exceptional events related to it. The top of the mentions is generally related to other topics, in particular, the security crisis on the borders of Ukraine.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here