• For the top-ranked countries and institutions included in the analysis, there was a decrease in the number of mentions compared to January. There was an especially marked decrease for the US (from over 155 thousand mentions in January, down to 66 thousand in February). Even February’s most-mentioned geopolitical actor, the EU, registered a decrease, as did Germany, the UK or Russia. The number of mentions only increased for NATO, although this did not influence its low position in the rankings.
  • In regard to the impact of the mentions, there was also a general decrease compared to the previous month. None of the analyzed geopolitical actors surpassed 80 million views of the mentions concerning them, while, for example, in January the US registered over 100 million views. A marked decrease was noticeable for the UK as well (approximately 50 million views in February, compared to over 75 million in January).
  • These decreases in both number of mentions and viewership were influenced by the absence of exceptional events in February involving the analyzed actors, compared to January (such as the inauguration of the new US President).
  • Great Britain ceded its position to Germany in both rankings, whereas France surpassed the Russian Federation and China in both rankings.
  • With the exception of NATO, all international actors taken into account in the analysis were mostly mentioned in relation to the evolution of the health crisis and the vaccination campaign.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here