• Even though, for most of the actors surveyed in the analysis the number of mentions and their impact decreases, there are significant increases in regards to NATO and the Russian Federation. These evolutions are decisively influenced by the events on Ukraine’s eastern border, the concentration of Russian military forces and the international reactions to it.
  • Unlike the previous months, when in almost all cases the main issue in relation to which the mentions were made concerned the health crisis, in April 2021 a high level of visibility for these actors is brought about by the events in Eastern Ukraine. This does not mean that the coronavirus issue has lost its importance; on the contrary, it remains one of the focal points of coverage in the Romanian media.
  • The interest in the online media and on the social networks for the situation in Eastern Ukraine has determined some shifts in the general rankings in regards to both the number of mentions and the number of views. Unexpectedly, given the last year, the Russian Federation climbs to third place in both rankings.
  • At the top of the rankings, compared to March, the USA surpasses the EU, and Great Britain takes Germany’s place. Moreover, in both rankings there is a change in place between NATO and Israel.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here