• As in 2020, the Coronavirus health crisis is a landmark event that we introduced in the analysis in order to have a clearer view and a useful comparison ground for our main topics of interest. With a significant number of mentions and views generated in Romanian online media and social media, the Coronavirus crisis remains a top event in 2021, but unlike the previous year, there is a significant decrease in both the number of mentions and views (impact of mentions).

  • Regarding the international actors, the EU, the US, and Germany dominate the mentions ranking in 2021 (as in 2020), both in terms of their number and their impact, thus being the most present actors in the Romanian online space among the countries and institutions we analyzed. Unlike last year, however, the US is losing first place in favor of the EU. Germany remains in third place.
    • At the same time, Israel and NATO remain in the last positions, being the least mentioned actors (from our sample) in the Romanian online space.

  • Most of the monitored international actors record the most mentions in 2021 on Facebook. Exceptions are the USA, Great Britain, and France, with the most mentions in the online press. However, regarding the impact of these mentions, the online press is above social networks for most of the actors. Exceptions are Germany and China, with a greater impact on Facebook than in the online press.
  • As in 2020, the coronavirus crisis remains a topic frequently associated with monitored actors, in particular the EU, the United Kingdom, France, China, and Israel. But, unlike last year, when these associations were dominant, in 2021 there are other strong associations with international actors.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here