• Russia remains in first position, with the most mentions, followed by the EU, the USA and Germany. As a general trend, most of the actors included in the analysis register, in September, an increase in the number of mentions. The exceptions are the USA, France and China.
  • In terms of viewership, Russia is also in first place. It is followed, as in the top of mentions, by the EU, the USA and Germany. The overall trend indicates an increasing impact of mentions for Russia, the EU, Germany, Great Britain and NATO, but also a decrease for the USA, China, France and Israel.
  • For all the actors considered, the most mentions are on social networks. However, the mentions in the online press have the most views. The exception are China, with more views in social media, and partially Germany and Israel with a close number of views in online media and social networks.
  • Most of the mentions are related to the war in Ukraine and its effects (for example, the gas crisis), but there are also mentions that refer to particular topics, specific to each analyzed actor.
  • As for the profile of social network users, it reflects the Internet consumption and population dynamics in the online space. Thus the interest for the vast majority of monitored actors comes especially from the age groups of 30-34 years and 40-44 years, as well as from Bucharest and Transylvania. However, in the case of NATO, there is a greater interest among those aged 50-54, in the case of Israel among those aged 35-39, and for Russia there is a greater interest in Wallachia.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here