• In the context of the presidential elections, as well as that of the events connected to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic (president Trump’s illness, for example), the United States of America come back to the top of the rankings, both in terms of mentions, and in term of the mentions’ impact.
    • In the case of the USA, there are also mentions in connection to Romania, following the interventions of the US ambassador over the course of October.
  • In the context of the coronavirus epidemic dynamics, the terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks, as well as the diplomatic conflict with Turkey, France climbs to the top part of both rankings.
  • The EU remains high in the mentions and their impact rankings, both in connection to the coronavirus crisis, as well as Brexit or the relation with the USA.
  • Germany is visible mostly in connection to the coronavirus epidemic (the public safety measures adopted in October), just as is the case for Great Britain (where Brexit nevertheless makes an impact).
  • Countries such as the Russian Federation or China are highlighted in peak moments in relation to international political events, such as the presidential elections in the USA or in the Republic of Moldova. Obviously, in the case of these states, we also encounter mentions connected to the coronavirus epidemic.
  • NATO registers moments of visibility especially in connection with military issues.
  • Israel registers spikes of visibility especially in relation to the coronavirus crisis – in relation to the debates on the applicability of the measures adopted by Israeli authorities to the Romanian context. Moments such as the negotiations with Lebanon or prime-minister Orban’s visit to Israel are also visible.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here