• The USA, the EU, Germany, China, and Israel are the only actors that have increased in the number of mentions, which, for some, is also reflected in the ranking position. France has the biggest decrease both in terms of place and number of mentions. Russia is down in terms of mentions but remains in the same place in the rankings. Great Britain and NATO have decreased in mentions.  
  • The top of the mentions and their impact is dominated by the USA and the EU, which share the podium with Germany. Basically, the USA and the EU remain the ones with the highest visibility.
  • Compared to the previous month, the main changes take place between Germany, Great Britain, and France. In November, France moved from third to fifth place, Germany moved to third place, and Great Britain moved from fifth to fourth place.
  • There are more mentions and a higher impact in the online media, as compared to the social networks. The exception is China, which records a number of mentions on social media slightly higher than in the online media. However, the impact of online media is greater than the impact of social media.
  • Most of the measured items have been mentioned in the context of the coronavirus crisis. However, in addition to several particular issues, we note some other subjects reflected in online media and on social networks in Romania, in association with the states and institutional actors considered: US elections, Brexit, elections in the Republic of Moldova, the budget of the European Union, discriminatory message for Romanian citizens in Great Britain.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here