• Ukraine maintains the first position in the top of mentions, being followed, as in February, by Russia and the EU. Compared to February, the ranking remains unchanged, with one exception: NATO, which drops three positions. In fact, NATO, Russia and Ukraine are the actors that have a decrease in the number of mentions. Everyone else is growing.
  • In the ranking on views Ukraine is also in the first position, being followed, at a distance, by Russia and the USA. In this case, the ranking also remains unchanged compared to February, with the same exception: NATO. The actors for which there is a decrease in the impact of mentions are Ukraine, Russia and NATO. Everyone else is growing.
  • For almost all actors considered, most mentions are still found on social networks. Like last month, the only exception is the United Kingdom. In terms of the impact of mentions, the online press has a dominant position for most of the actors. The exceptions are Germany, China, and NATO, with a greater impact of mentions on social networks.
  • There are still many associations and mentions in the context of the war in Ukraine, but there are also particular internal situations that generated mentions and presence in the Romanian online space: protests in France and Israel, the crisis in the American banking system, public policies regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions at EU level, etc.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here