• Russia remains in first place in the top of the mentions, followed, as in April, by the EU and NATO, in that order. However, compared to the previous month, there are important changes in the second part of the ranking, this time the United Kingdom being ahead of France and China.
  • With the notable exceptions of the EU and Israel, for the international actors included in the analysis, there are fewer mentions in May compared to April, the most pronounced decrease in their number is in the case of the Russian Federation.
  • In the top of the views, Russia remains in the first place, even if the downward trend recorded in the previous month continues. The EU also remains in second place, far in front the rest of the international players.
  • Unlike the previous month, the US is ahead of NATO in terms of the impact of the mentions. The second part of the top on the impact of the mentions is identical to the one in April.
  • For most of the actors included in the analysis, the highest impact is in the online press.
  • Most of the mentions are related to the war in Ukraine. However, for countries such as France, Germany or the United Kingdom, there are also associations with other European countries. Only in the case of Great Britain, there is a subject constantly associated with, unrelated to the war in Ukraine – monkeypox, respectively.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here.