• The hierarchy at the top is unchanged. Russia remains in first place, with the most mentions, but continues to drop slightly. It is followed by the EU and the US. The general evolution of the number of mentions is upward, with three exceptions: Russia and Germany decrease slightly, and Great Britain remains constant.
  • In terms of viewership, on the first position is the EU, followed, not very far, by Russia. Both actors are down from last month. In third place is the United States, which maintains its position but increases in the number of views. The general evolution of the number of views is downward. Exceptions are the USA, France and the UK, with a higher impact of mentions in July compared to June.
  • With the exception of the UK, for which the number of mentions in social media is relatively close to that in the online press, all other actors considered have the most mentions on social networks (Facebook). At the same time, the most views, i.e. the biggest impact, have the mentions from the online press, for all the analyzed actors.
  • Regarding the profile of social network users and the mentions for the monitored actors, the age group of 30-34 years has the greatest interest. This applies to all the actors analyzed and is also related to the population dynamics in the online space and Internet consumption (higher among young people).
  • Most of the mentions are still related to the war in Ukraine and its effects (for example, the disruption of gas supplies to the EU), but there are also mentions regarding the US-China relationship, the Romania-USA relationship (strategic partnership), regional geopolitical developments (Israel) or domestic political contexts (Great Britain).

The full study (in Romanian) is available here