About the event

We are delighted to invite you to a special event shedding light on an extremely timely topic: misinformation about climate change. In a world where truth and reality sometimes appear to be at odds, it is essential to discuss climate change and dismantle the myths and disinformation surrounding this vital issue.

Climate change stands as one of the greatest threats of our century. Its impact on the environment, biodiversity, and human life is significant and can be directly observed and felt by each of us. Information and awareness are key in our action for a sustainable future.

Let’s delve into these matters at an event organized by Pur si Simplu Verde, in collaboration with the Center for Leadership and Innovation (CLI) and the Center for Civic Participation and Democracy (CPD) within SNSPA.

Two outstanding experts will share their expertise and research with us: Dr. Ioana Petrescu – Ambassador of the European Climate Pact in Romania, and Dr. Dan Sultanescu – an expert in political sciences and communication.