About the event

The Center for Civic Participation and Democracy organized a workshop in Social Media Analytics & Social Network Analysis on February 20-21, 2018. Special guest and trainer was Prof. Itai Himelboim, PhD, from the University of Georgia.

The workshop aimed to instruct participants in Boolean search, Analytics on Facebook and Twitter, and Network analysis with NodeXL. It involved presentations, discussions and applied exercises for an easy and efficient use and interpretation of various data analysis tools for social media, as well as for discovering new ways to visualize and present the results.

Prof. Itai Himelboim, PhD is specialized in new communication technologies and social networks. He teaches at the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Georgia, and is the CEO of SEE Suite: Social Media Engagement & Evaluation, and Associate Professor, Advertising. His research involves the analysis of social networks and the implications of new communication for political communication, international communication and for the media. Prof. Himelboim focuses on analyzing natural patterns in communication between social actors in online space, but also on how these patterns provide information about choosing online sources.