• Ukraine remains at the top of the list of mentions, but it is decreasing. It is followed by the EU, which, compared to the previous month, rises in the hierarchy, surpassing Russia and the USA. Compared to August, most of the actors included in the analysis are experiencing increases in the number of mentions. Israel stands out, doubling this indicator. The declining actors are Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and Germany.
  • Ukraine remains in the top position in the views ranking, followed by the EU, which, unlike the previous month, ranks up three positions, surpassing the USA, Russia, and Germany. The overall trend is upward, with six out of the monitored actors experiencing increases in the number of views (impact of mentions). Among them, the EU, NATO, and Israel stand out, with more pronounced increases. Russia, Germany, and China show a decrease in this indicator, while the USA remains at a constant level.
  • Most of the considered actors are mentioned more on social media than in the online press. Exceptions are the USA and Great Britain. Also, Ukraine and China have a fairly balanced number of mentions between social networks and the online press. In terms of the impact of mentions, online press stands out. The only exception for which the impact of mentions is greater for social media than for online press is Israel. Also, mentions for NATO and China have a similar impact in both types of sources.
  • A highlight of September, which generated mentions for many of the considered actors, was the war in Ukraine, especially the Russian attacks on the Danubian ports and the discovered drone remnants on Romania’s territory. There were also mentions in the context of sports competitions, as well as information on the evolution of the global economy.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here