• Many of the monitored actors are mentioned in the context of the war in Ukraine. Among the topics that provide contexts for mentions and views are: the conflict in the Middle East, President Iohannis’ visit to the USA, discussions about NATO leadership, President Xi Jinping’s visit to Europe and Vladimir Putin’s visit to China, Europe Day, and various sports or music competitions.
  • Ukraine continues to record the most mentions, although there is a decline compared to the previous month, maintaining a downward trend. It is followed quite closely by the EU. The hierarchy continues with Russia and the USA, which are very close to each other. Compared to April, the vast majority of actors included in the analysis show a decrease in the number of mentions. Exceptions are France, with a slight increase, Russia, with a rather insignificant increase in mentions, and China, which remains at the same level.
  • The EU remains in the top position in terms of views (impact of mentions), but it continues to decline. It is followed by Ukraine, which surpasses the USA compared to the previous month. Compared to April, the trends are relatively balanced, with five actors showing a decrease in views, one of them (Germany) with an insignificant reduction, while four are on the rise (Ukraine, Russia, France, the United Kingdom).
  • The online press generates the most mentions for the majority of the actors analyzed. Like last month, the exceptions are the EU, Russia, and NATO, which have more mentions on social media, but also Germany, with relatively equal mentions on the two types of sources. In terms of the impact of mentions, the online press remains the dominant source. The exceptions are Germany and China, with a higher impact on social media. NATO also stands out with a balanced ratio between the two types of sources.