• The start of EURO 2024 significantly influenced the mentions for many of the actors analyzed, with the most notable effect being on Germany, the host of the sports competition. The war in Ukraine was also an important topic that generated mentions and views. From this perspective, other relevant themes or events included the conflict in the Middle East, the EU enlargement process, the European Parliament elections, and the political and electoral competition in the USA.
  • Ukraine maintains the top position and has grown compared to the previous month. It is followed by Germany, which shows consistent growth and climbs three places in the ranking, surpassing the EU, Russia, and the USA. Compared to May, most actors included in the analysis have an increase in mentions, with Germany showing the most significant rise. On the opposite end are Russia, the USA, China, and Israel, which see a decrease in the number of mentions.
  • Ukraine returns to the top position in the rankings for views (impact of mentions), a position it had left in March. In second place is Germany, which has seen a spectacular increase compared to the previous month. Following in the rankings is the EU, which drops two positions despite a slight increase in the number of views, and the USA, which maintains its position but sees a decrease in the impact of mentions. Compared to May, most of the actors analyzed have seen an increase in the number of views. Exceptions are the USA, Russia, China, and Israel, which have a lower impact of mentions.
  • Half of the monitored actors are mentioned primarily in online press (USA, France, the United Kingdom, China, Israel). Social media generates the most mentions for four of the actors (Ukraine, the EU, Russia, and NATO), while one of them, specifically Germany, stands out with a balanced ratio between the two types of sources. In terms of the impact of mentions, the online press remains the dominant source. There are exceptions, with the EU and China having a higher impact on social media, as well as Ukraine and Germany, with a similar impact of mentions in both types of sources.