• Ukraine remains at the top of the list of mentions, up from the previous month. It is followed by Russia and the EU, which swap places, with Russia increasing and the EU decreasing. Behind them is the U.S., which retains its position. Compared to May, most of the actors included in the analysis show increases in the number of mentions. The exceptions are the EU and Great Britain, with fewer mentions than in the previous month, but also China, which remains relatively constant (strictly speaking, China slightly decreases in the number of mentions).
  • Ukraine is still the leader in the top views, up from the previous month. It is followed by Russia, the U.S. and the EU. Compared to May, Russia trades places with the EU, the former moving up and the latter dropping two positions. Between them, the U.S. remains. The monthly evolution reveals an increase in the number of views for most of the analyzed actors. However, there are also opposite trends in the case of the USA, the EU, Germany and Great Britain, which are seeing a decrease in the impact of mentions.
  • Most of the considered actors are mentioned more on social networks than in the online press. Exceptions are the USA, Great Britain and Israel which have more mentions in the online press. The case of Ukraine with a fairly balanced number of mentions between social networks and the online press also stands out. In terms of the impact of mentions, for five of the analyzed actors, it is higher in social media, and for four of them, it is higher in the online press. Only in the case of Great Britain, the impact of mentions in the two types of sources is close.
  • Many of the considered actors are mentioned in the context of the war in Ukraine. However, there are mentions in relation to other topics and events such as the UEFA European Under-21 Championship (Ukraine, France), the UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers (Israel), the enlargement of the EU, the indictment of former President Donald Trump (USA), the Titan submersible tragedy (USA, France), social tensions (France), geopolitics and international relations (China). The similarity of the peaks of mentions for Ukraine and Russia is also notable.

The full study (in Romanian) is available here