• Ukraine still has the most mentions, but is down slightly from the previous month. It is followed, as in June, by Russia and the EU, both decreasing. Compared to June, the ranking remains unchanged, with one definite exception: the exchange of places between France and the US. Most of the actors included in the analysis have decreases in the number of mentions. The exceptions are France, NATO, Great Britain and China, which are mentioned more often than last month.
  • Ukraine also remains the leader in the top views, followed by the USA and the EU. Compared to the previous month, Russia is outranked by the US and the EU, and falls to fourth place. The vast majority of analyzed actors show a decrease in the number of views (impact of mentions). The exceptions are the US, France and NATO, which have increases in this chapter.
  • Most of the considered actors continue to be mentioned more on social media than in the online press. Exceptions are, as last month, the USA, Great Britain and Israel which have more mentions in the online press. China also stands out with a fairly balanced number of mentions between social networks and the online press. In terms of the impact of mentions, for the vast majority of the actors analysed, it is greater for the online press. The exceptions are France and China with more views in social media, but also NATO with close impact scores for the two types of sources.
  • A highlight of July, which generated mentions for many of the considered actors, was the NATO summit in Vilnius. In association with this event, the war in Ukraine continues to provide context for mentions. Added to these are events or news from sport (Germany, UK, Israel), national day celebrations (USA, France) or specific topics such as the enlargement of the Schengen Area (EU).

The full study (in Romanian) is available here