• The regional conflicts with global implications in Eastern Europe and the Middle East are the main topics that provided contexts for mentions and views for many of the considered actors. Additionally, political and trade relations (especially between China on one side, and the USA, EU, and France on the other), candidacies for the leadership of NATO, as well as anniversary moments (NATO) and sports competitions are included.
  • Ukraine continues to hold the top position in the mentions ranking but decreased from the previous month, confirming a downward trend. It is closely followed by the EU and the USA, which surpass Russia. Compared to the previous month, the vast majority of actors included in the analysis show a decline in the number of mentions. Among them, Russia stands out with a significant decrease. There are also exceptions, such as the USA, China, and especially Israel, which are on the rise.
  • The EU maintains the top position in the views ranking (impact of mentions) but has decreased compared to the previous month. It is followed by the USA, which moves up two places, and Ukraine, which maintains its position in the ranking. Notably, there is a decrease in the number of views and a downgrade of Russia, which, compared to March, has fallen three places in the hierarchy. On the opposite end is China, which has risen three positions with a significant increase in this indicator. Compared to March, the majority of the analyzed actors have experienced a decrease in views. The most significant drop is that of Russia. Exceptions include the USA, China, which has the most substantial increase, as well as Israel and France, the latter with a slight increase, rather insignificant.
  • As before, the online press generates the most mentions for the majority of the actors analyzed. Exceptions are the EU, Russia, Germany, and NATO, which have more mentions on social media. In terms of the impact of mentions, the online press dominates, with two exceptions – China, for which mentions on social media have a greater impact than those in the online press, and Germany, with a balanced ratio between the two types of sources.